Nature's Aesthetic is Soothing.

Studies have proven that flowers and ornamental plants increase positive energy, summoning senses of relaxation and security. We focus on bringing plant energy into people's environments with low maintenance. Each piece is 3D and gives an illusion of each stem jumping out of its vintage frame to create a captivating effect. The purpose of this art is to awaken an appreciation for the plant material around us. To see the beauty in a stick. To acknowledge that we need plants, plants don't need us.

Sustainable and Ethnical

Each bloom, stick, and grass is hand-picked for each piece. Materials are aciqured directly from farms, sustainable flower wholesalers, and foraged. Materials purchased from farms are purchased from local and or small farms. Preference is given to organic pesticide-free plant materials.


Each piece is one of a kind. No piece is the same. Due to the nature of the material used, there is no way to recreate a piece exactly. Commissions are available. When requesting a commission please keep in mind the diverse possibilities with plant material. i.e. colors and textures


This art is considered living art. The material will shed, fade, and eventually decompose. The average life expectancy of each piece is two to three years. Although there is no set expiration date on when a stick will turn into dirt. Click to view maintenance and care.